Sample Episode 1 – Integrity & Rosa Parks

How Rosa Parks teaches us about the importance of integrity.

Sample Episode 2 – Teamwork & Service Dogs

Miss Sara and our special guests from CCI teach us about teamwork and how service dogs use teamwork every single day!

Sample Episode 3 – Kindness & Jane Goodall

Miss Sara defines kindness while telling the amazing story of Jane Goodall.


Every episode of The Character Tree includes printable resources and activities. Here is what you can expect from each of our supplemental materials:

  • No prep! Just print and use

  • Teacher’s Guide with follow-up discussion suggestions

  • A printable book perfect for home/school connection

  • Comprehensive check-in pages

  • Template for creating a student made class book

  • Engaging word work activities


Children adore our puppets and so do we! Puppets spark children’s attention, imagination and confidence in ways that adults often cannot. They frequently are perceived as “real” people with whom personal relationships are easily established.

In our series, Miss Sara interacts with our diverse community of puppets to teach character education, provide examples of good social interactions and even to introduce difficult topics. When a puppet expresses their feelings, or motivates good behavior, children accept it as a trusted peer to peer interaction.

We’ve created a relatable persona for each of our puppets that children delight in discovering throughout our 32-episode series. As Gray Squirrel might ask Miss Sara, “Can puppets be good role models to children?”. We say, Absolutely!


We believe that character education is best learned at home. However, the busyness of home often requires reinforcement of character development in the classroom where children interact with their peers. The Character Tree emphasizes positive character behavior through engaging discussion, examples, role modeling and hand-on material.

Our most notable citizens share traits of Kindness, Bravery, Hope, Leadership, Gratitude and Perseverance. Help guide your students to become model citizens in the classroom and community by sharing these important traits and many others through The Character Tree.


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