I have signed up, but I cannot get the videos to play.2019-11-18T14:03:57-07:00

It is probably because of a district or school network setting. Contact us at support@charactertree.com and we will work with you and/or your IT department to help resolve this.

Where will I find the supplemental resources for teachers?2019-10-14T09:15:06-07:00

First, make sure that you have signed up for a free account! Then click on My Episodes, sign-in and the supplemental resources will appear directly beneath its video. The teacher’s guide for every episode can also be found within the printable supplemental resource.

Is it really free?2019-08-26T09:56:05-07:00

Yes! You get FREE access to 32 episodes and 32 sets of supplemental materials ending on June 30th2020. Beginning on July 1st2020, you will have the option to buy a year’s subscription.

What is the length of an episode?2019-08-12T17:24:49-07:00

Typically, episodes will run between six and eight minutes.

What grade level are the videos designed for?2019-08-04T18:44:55-07:00

The initial series of 32 episodes are suitable for 1stand 2ndgrade students.  For the school year beginning in 2020 the current series will become a 1stgrade only subscription and we will have 32 new episodes specifically for 2ndgrade subscriptions.

Can I view the episodes in any order I want?2019-08-26T12:01:28-07:00

Four episodes will become available on your “My Episodes” page about one week prior to their scheduled month.  You can view the month’s episodes in any order.  Prior month’s episodes remain available for viewing throughout the year as you like.

Are the materials aligned to standards?2019-08-04T18:43:47-07:00

The downloadable supplemental material along with the video episodes align with Common Core Standards:  SL.1.2, RI.1.2, RI.1.3, RI.1.4.

Can I share my subscription with my teammates?2019-08-26T11:02:40-07:00

Please have them sign up for their own free subscription on the Sign Up page or by clicking here.


Can I share the supplemental materials with my teammates?2019-08-26T11:03:32-07:00

Sure. They can also sign up for their own free subscription on the Sign Up page or by clicking here.

Can I download a copy of an episode to my computer?2019-08-04T18:41:24-07:00

No. The episodes are only available to stream for any active subscription.


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